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Worldwide Studios is a student film company originally based in Hamilton-Wenham, Massachusetts and now works in Boston. Picture8


Films were originally made under the banners of "Zak Ray Productions", "Sam Luddy Films", "Eramo Studios" and "Isaac Nam Cinema", but in 2005, it was decided to merge them under the title Worldwide Studios. The four crew members created various short films with Apple's iMovie until late 2005, when they purchased Final Cut Express and later Final Cut Studio. They began to enter local film festivals and competitions, and accumulated multiple awards. In 2007, Sam, Zak, and Dom began college in Boston, and Isaac moved to Lebanon, NH. They currently operate under the titles of Director/Editor/Writer/Actor Zak Ray, Director/Composer/Writer/Actor Sam Luddy, Producer/Writer/Actor Domenico Eramo, and Cinematographer/Actor Isaac Nam.

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